Artist Zhongnai was born into a family of Xibo nationality ( the original inhabitants of Siberia ) Growing up in Northeast of China. Since his childhood he was fond of painting very much, After receiving his bachelor of Arts degree from LUXUN academy of Fine arts, he became a member of the League of the Chinese Artists, and the Liaoning Branch of the Institution of chinese Folk-custom.  Having worked on painting, exhibiting, art teaching and the research into the folk-custom of the Ethnic Minorities in North China for many years.

In the end of 1999, Zhongnai settled in Europe and began his creative life as a professional artist. He held his exhibitions in Germany, France, Belgium, Portugal, Czech, China and Holland, joined the international art fairs in Gent , Rotterdam, Utrecht and Beijing many times. In 2016 he became an researcher of The China National Academy of Painting.